ScriptEase, The easy way to maintain accurate patient records

Experienced medical transcriptionists know that ScriptEase self-adhesive medical transcription paper is ideal for recording histories, progress notes and other information in patient charts. It assures neat, well-organized files while saving time and labor. It offers a way to minimize file thickness while maintaining current and accurate records. With ScriptEase,a transcriber may record a continuous series of notes for an unlimited number of patients without having to roll or load separate sheets in and out of a printer or typewriter each time a history is recorded.

Transcribe, Print, Peel and Place

ScriptEase is a pressure sensitive paper that can be used in a laser, inkjet, or dot matrix printer, a word processor, or a typewriter. Information is printed onto the ScriptEase paper, peeled from the liner, and pressed onto history sheets in the respective patient charts. It is not necessary to unclasp and remove, unload and load, refile and reclasp separate history sheets in the chart for each history recorded. Just print, peel and place. Misfiles, lost records, and problems with broken clasps are minimized.


ScriptEase notes produce neat appearing, easy to read, well organized patient charts. Standard ScriptEase paper is unperforated so that progress notes may be typed and cut to any length required –thereby minimizing paper waste and thickness build-up in the charts. ScriptEase paper perforated at various intervals is also available for those preferring predetermined lengths. ScriptEase paper may be used in any style file folder or jacket –top or bottom clasp, side clasp, no clasp, etc. In addition to the traditional dictation-transcription process, ScriptEase facilitates voice recognition systems where the physicians’ notes are recorded electronically and then printed and filed.